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Life-Changing Restoration for Flood Damage in Charlotte, NC

We describe our services as "life-changing" because succumbing to flood damages is a significant event. One moment your home or business is completely dry and functioning, and in the blink of an eye, you see your couch floating around in the backyard. Our goal is to apply professional flood damage in Charlotte restoration services so that your property can be returned to a normal state. We follow a strict time-tested restoration protocol that looks like this:

  • Water Extraction - We'll use special equipment to remove water that is soaking carpets and other materials should they be deemed salvageable.
  • Demolition & Trash Removal - Unfortunately, flood waters cause much damage. Debris needs to be removed and disposed of, and that's what we do.
  • The Dry Out Phase - Once the property is cleared, we'll allow the area to dry out completely for a few days before moving on to the next stage of restoration services.
  • Antimicrobial Treatments - Moisture facilitates the growth of mold, mildew, algae, fungus, and bacteria. So we'll blast away those substances before they even get started.
  • Content Restoration - Our team will restore any salvageable items, such as furniture, clothing, valuables, and electronics.
  • Reconstruction - Now it's time to rebuild any lost portions of the property and to get your home or commercial business back on its feet.

Have you had a flood and need immediate flood damage assistance? Then, please call 24/7 Water Damage Restoration right away to schedule a FREE consultation. We're primed and ready to assist you during your hour of need.

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flood damage cleanup charlotte

Professional Flood Damage Cleanup for Residential & Commercial Properties

Flood damage cleanup in Charlotte, North Carolina, is our specialty. We offer radical services that quickly remove the water, dirt, debris, and hazardous substances that have infiltrated your home or commercial space due to flooding. The key to restoring your property after a flood is hiring a qualified and experienced company to get the job done. Here are some benefits of professional flood cleanup services:

  • Safety - Flooding is a very hazardous situation and can be dangerous to clean up. Our team uses industry-leading safety equipment and has the experience necessary to navigate flood waters.
  • Avoid Further Damage - Because experienced flood cleanup teams know what they're doing, you can rest assured that all current damage will halt.
  • 24/7 Action - Our cleanup services are available around the clock. The quicker the cleanup commences, the fewer damages are rendered.
  • Expert Techniques - In addition to using top-notch cleaning equipment, our professionals use tried and true techniques to get the job done correctly the first time.
  • Minimizing Financial Loss - Professional flood damage cleanup ensures that your losses will be as low as possible. We'll see to it!

Are you curious about our flood damage cleanup methods and want to learn more? Please visit the company blog page for an in-depth look.


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Charlotte's #1 Flood Damage Repair Company

When it comes to flood damage repair in Charlotte, you can trust our restoration company to always overdeliver. We make sure our customers get the results that they need to carry on living their lives in their homes or commercial properties.

There are three main types of water damage repair: flood water, sewer overflow, and excessive moisture. When it comes to flooding from heavy rain or other sources, it is imperative to get restoration services ASAP to minimize damages.

Once the water has been removed, our team will work quickly to repair the damages that have occurred. We'll also repair the source of the flooding so that it doesn't happen again. In some instances, such as foundation or roof flooding, we'll direct you to a local contractor.

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Superior Flood Damage Mitigation

One of the biggest questions that we are asked about flooding is how it can be prevented from happening again. That's a great question and one that must be answered. However, just because you may be in a flood risk zone doesn't mean that your property has to become waterlogged every time it rains.

Flood damage mitigation in Charlotte, NC, is the process of pinpointing the problem and fixing it so that flooding doesn't occur in the future. Mitigation can be as simple as waterproofing your basement or installing a French drain beneath your landscape.

There are many methods to flood mitigation, and our team is committed to finding the proper technique for you. Do you have questions for our flood mitigation team? If so, we invite you to call, email, or fill out our easy online contact form, and we'll be right with you.



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We were devastated after flood damage ruined our home. The crew from 24/7 Water Damage Restoration was terrific. They made sure we were safe and comfortable and then got right to work. This team brought our house back to better-than-new condition. We highly recommended them!
- Stacey H.

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