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Get dry with us! Offering high-quality water damage solutions since 1993.

Dealing with water damages is nobody's idea of a good time. However, flooding happens, and you need a professional, reliable company like 24/7 Water Damage Restoration to help you put your Charlotte home or business back together again. Our company has the experience necessary to effectively and quickly resolve your most tragic water damage issues.

After a thorough investigation of your property, we'll put together a restoration plan that is cost-effective and rational. Our top priority is getting your property restored as quickly and as affordably as possible. Did you know that our team specializes in all types of water damage in Charlotte NC, including flooding from natural disasters? We're here for you!

In addition to having the most competitive prices in North Carolina, we offer FREE estimates to further lighten your load. Contact our team today to get your restoration underway!

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Foolproof Water Damage Services in Charlotte

Full-Scale Charlotte Water Damage Restoration

Water damage restoration in Charlotte involves many different things depending on your situation. Our restoration company is able to take your water-logged house and quickly revitalize it to a state that's better than what it was before the damages occurred. During restoration, we'll apply the following measures:

  • Water Removal
  • Water Remediation
  • Water Extraction
  • Water Mitigation
  • Flood Cleanup

Our goal is to get all traces of flooding out of your residential or commercial space by using industry-leading techniques that are proven to work. Our truck-mounted water extraction equipment is powerful and swiftly extracts moisture within no time. Water extraction paves the path to your property's repair and restoration. Call us now for a FREE estimate.

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Superior Water Damage Repair in Charlotte - We Get Quick Results

When you're dealing with water damage, swift repair is vital to stop further problems from arising. Did you know that standing water or even small amounts of moisture can cause mold to grow and the breakdown of structures? Our team has the tools and equipment to get your water damage repairs in Charlotte underway as quickly as possible.

We will assess the damages and come up with a repair plan that not only restores your space but prevents future damages from happening. Sometimes, homeowners have no idea how the flooding started in the first place or where they originated from.

These issues will all be uncovered during the repair process. We work together with plumbers and contractors to put the proper measures in place to secure pipes and appliances. Do you have a water damage repair need? 

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Dependable Water Damage Mitigation Services in Charlotte

Water damage mitigation in Charlotte involves assessing, containing, and preventing further damage from happening due to flooding. During water mitigation, our crew will extract water and moisture from your property so that it can be restored to its pre-loss disposition.

It's true that mitigation and restoration are two separate tasks; you cannot have one without the other. In most cases, complete restoration typically is what comes after successful mitigation services. Our mitigation protocol looks like this:

  • Stop the flow of water
  • Assess mitigation requirements
  • Completely extract all water from the premises and allow the area to dry out

You can have peace of mind knowing that 24/7 Water Damage Restoration is almost three decades of water mitigation experience. We invite you to call or email our office today so we can get started on your mitigation process to avoid further water damages from occurring.

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Professional Water Damage Removal for Your Charlotte Property

After a flood strikes, many homes and commercial property owners have standing water in their buildings. This can range from deep water to super-soaked rugs and carpets. Either way, the water needs to be removed so that the dry-out phase can take place. Both steps are vital to the restoration process.

Our team uses a truck-mounted water extraction system that is powerful and fast-acting. We can also remove excess water from furniture and other contents in an attempt to save them from being a total loss.

If you've had flooding in your home, the quicker the water is removed, the better because it will stop further damage to your structures. Do you have a flooding disaster and require emergency water damage removal? Call us day or night, and we'll be there!

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Offering Water Damage Cleanup in Charlotte

Flood water is often considered to be contaminated with biohazard material, animal waste, chemicals, and other undesirable products. Once we extract the water from your living space, it is important to have the area thoroughly cleaned with industrial-strength detergents that are specifically formulated to target mold, spores, and hazardous materials.

We will make sure all flood debris is removed from your property and disposed of, and this includes any broken contents that cannot be salvaged. Once the area is arid, we can then begin the sanitation process.

Not only does water damage cleanup rid your home or office of germs and mildew, but offensive odors, too. Once we're through, you won't be able to tell a flood ever occurred.

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Addressing the Effects of Flood Damage in Charlotte, NC

Sadly, we see the effects of flood damage in Charlotte every hurricane and storm season. Flooding can quickly happen during heavy rainfall or during a tidal surge. If you have property on the beach, you know exactly how serious rising tides can be. The good news is our company is here to help you deal with the horrors of flooding and what they mean for your property.

We offer water extraction, mitigation, and full-scale cleanup services. We will assess the damages and come up with a plan to get your property completely restored.

Our team will file all insurance claims with your company on your behalf, so you don't have to deal with any more burden than you already have to. Remember, we are available 24/7 for emergency flood damage restoration. Call us when you need us the most!

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We were devastated after flood damage ruined our home. The crew from 24/7 Water Damage Restoration was terrific. They made sure we were safe and comfortable and then got right to work. This team brought our house back to better-than-new condition. We highly recommended them!
- Stacey H.

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